Monday, September 3, 2012

Scrappy Weekend

My weekend started off good I even managed to take my daughter to the park. Saturday my uncle past away after a long battle with cancer and the day had been rainy on and off. I was looking forward to a long weekend at home with my family. I went with my daughter to get dinner it started to rain here pretty good while I was on my way to pick up dinner. I wasn't even gone 15 minutes and my husband called me on the phone. He said that the house was going to flood and they were going to get out of there. What? I was just home and it was fine! When I started to head back the road was blocked off and the road was washed out with mud. I was stuck with a car full of food and my little girl waiting... My husband packed the boys in the car but the road was so flooded that they were not going any where. It was a long night. All ended up well at our house but some of my neighbors were not so lucky. for the full story go here. My husband has spent the weekend serving our neighbors in this really sad time. 
On a happier note this is what I am doing with all of my scraps. I am making a completely scrappy Katie quilt. This is perfect for long strips of scraps.  

The growing pile for my scrap vomit quilt.
Last but not least a little quilt that  I just need to back and quilt. I am still determined to make a dent in my scraps. I also wanted to tell my husband Happy Birthday! He has been working all day to help out others with the mud. Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day!


LuLu said...

Natalie! Oh my gosh! You guys have had some very unique challenges lately. I'm so glad that your family and your home are just fine. I'm sorry for your neighbors though.
Your projects are amazing as always! Scrap Vomit is so addicting. I can't wait to see a super scrappy Katie too :-) And that sparkle punch has been on my to do list forever!

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

so happy your home is safe. love your thrifting ways with the scrap fabrics. everything you make turns out so cute!