Monday, March 25, 2013

Memory Quilt

 On Monday March 18th Mary a very wonderful person passed away. When Tina gave me the boxes of clothing for the quilt this shirt was on the top. This is the shirt they cut off of her when she past. I just wanted to cry. As with the last quilt I feel very privileged that her precious clothing that holds so many memories were trusted in me. 
 Before I started quilting I added her initials in bottom right hand corner.
This is one of the biggest ones I have ever done on my machine. 
 This turned out to be a big quilt but I didn't want to leave out anything. I was even able to use her jeans for the border that goes all the way around. Mary will be missed by many but never forgotten.

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Sooli said...

What a wonderful quilt, a lovely tribute to a special person. I wish I had been quilting when my mother passed away, as I would have loved to have made something from her clothes too. Well done!