Monday, October 29, 2012

Journal Covers

 As some of you may know I save my selvages. I was not ready to make a whole entire quilt again but I thought this would be fun using Rachel's Journal cover tutorial.
 I started out with light weight fusible web.
 Because I have selvages I wanted to use in a different way than a quilt I used this technique.


Completely covered in selvages. 

 A finished one using some of my favorites.
 Another one using selvages from this quilt.
 This is the view on the inside cover.
My pretty stack of journal covers all ready to go.


Anonymous said...

pretty stack

LuLu said...

Natalie! Those are so cute! That would be a really fun Christmas present. Should I be ashamed that I never save my selvedges??? I guess it's time to start!

Mandy said...

Very darling idea. I agree, a cute Christmas present.