Monday, May 2, 2011


 Ever heard of a woofum?  I have heard them called doughies too. A woofum is a dessert made over a fire using a biscuit, filled with what ever lovelies you like. They don't sell woofum sticks just anywhere, so we made our own.
                                  Whip cream for topping.
 Use what ever variety biscuit or croissant you like to cook over the fire.
 I used a steel rod you can also use a aluminum rod for the center. 1 1/8 inch dowel to make the handle ( 4 inch length is perfect) and the roasting end 2 inches.
 Soak the roasting end in vegetable oil for 24 hours, this will prevent the dough from sticking. After the dough is cooked it forms a convenient cup for pie filling and whip cream.
Tip: If you Spread the dough thin and it will cook faster, and over the coals is best.

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